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Coffee with a Vision

Verracoffee is a social enterprise that sources coffee beans directly from the farmers, and makes it available to the wider, global market. It has distributors across the Asia Pacific region, particularly Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia, and very recently, the United States.

A portion of the revenues goes to a scholarship fund for tribal children, particularly those in Saranggani and Palawan. The company also provides employment opportunities for persons with disabilities (PWDs) by providing them barista and livelihood trainings.

VerraCoffee started as a project under a non-profit organization that helps entrepreneurial poor across the country. Through the project, the founder had opportunities to go around the country, meet farmers, fishermen and small vendors. The year 2020 became a pivotal year marked by a series of closed doors. Covid-19 began to spread and the world went into lockdown, which caused the project to stop. But despite the closed borders, the founder found open doors that led to the founding of VerraCoffee. 

More doors were opened as several farmers, roasters, old and new friends who had the same vision, started joining VerraCoffee’s cause.

In its first few months of operations, VerraCoffee acquired a license to operate from the Philippine FDA and an account in the United States FDA Industry Systems. So coffee cultivated by our farmers has crossed international borders and is expanding as more Filipinos overseas are wanting a taste of home, while non-Filipinos are wanting a taste of rare, exotic coffee beans.


Our coffee is traceable and sourced directly from farmers we personally know and work with.

Journey with us


Everytime you purchase VerraCoffee, you are helping preserve a part of our world coffee heritage, because Philippine coffee — particularly the Liberica — is among the most rare in the world.


By purchasing Philippine products, you are helping provide livelihood to the coffee farmers, including those who are indigenous people groups in the Philippines

FOR the next generation

A portion of VerraCoffee’s income goes to the scholarship fund of a tribal kid in the Philippines, through the Eduk-Aksyon program of Visions of Hope Foundation.

help bring filipino coffee to the world

You can do your part by clicking on the VerraCoffee logo in the country nearest you.