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we will be at the manila coffee festival!

In our events, we always give opportunities for our bootcamp finishers to be involved through volunteer opportunities. This will allow them to practice what they have learned either by brewing or serving coffee at our booth, and meet other bootcamp finishers from other batches. This is a community of coffee lovers who have shared the same experience at the bootcamps, and also who now share our advocacy for Philippine coffee.

For our next event….

VerraCoffee will have a booth at the Manila Coffee Festival on March 15 to 17, 2024 at the Marriott Grand Ballroom X! Last year, there were a lot of people who were at the MCF, so we will need some volunteers from our coffee camp finishers to help brew and serve coffee to the guests, and also those who can encourage people to try the coffee by engaging them in coffee drinking games!

We only need six volunteers (two per day — one to help brew and serve, and another one as a game master for our drinking games!). We will give volunteers a free daypass of your chosen date.

Here are all the info you will need about the event:

VerraCoffee is at booth #92 (please see image on the right)

Manila Coffee Festival
March 15 – 17, 2024 (Friday to Sunday)
Marriott Grand Ballroom

Here’s the PIN location to the Marriott Grand Ballroom:

Kindly fill up the registration form to indicate your intention to be one of the volunteers. Once filled up, we will reach out to you to confirm your participation and add you to our group chat of volunteers.

It’ll be an exciting experience to work again with some of you, our bootcamp finishers!

Terms and Conditions

  1. You are free to promote your own business by giving out calling cards with your business name, as long as you identify yourself to be part of the community and one of the bootcamp finishers of VerraCoffee and Farm to Cup.
  2. Because of Marriott Hotel’s protocols, you can only give out calling cards and brochures within VerraCoffee’s booth, only at the specific time slot that you are registered as volunteer. Giving out of brochures and calling cards in other areas outside the booth is prohibited.
  3. For the brewers, only VerraCoffee beans will be served to visitors at the booth so as not to confuse them about the beans. Brewers may ask for OJT certificates after the event.
  4. For the game masters, your products can be given out as “prizes” to the winners during the timeslot of the game. Serving of food, however, is not allowed by Marriott Hotel, except for packed goods like cookies. If the prizes are coffee products, please ensure that they are properly labelled and are traceable because MCF is all about authenticity and traceability of coffee. If your coffee is not traceable to any farmer, please reach out to us and we will give you names and numbers :D
  5. Please maintain proper decorum and abide by Marriott’s event guidelines that we will give you once you have signed up as volunteer.

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