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March 2, 2024

Can only spare a day? Join us for a one-day coffee immersion just a few hours away from Manila near the picturesque windmills Pililia! This will be a succinct tour of the farm including an overview of processing methods, and a roasting demo where you get to taste the flavor profiles of different roast levels. An experiential sampling of everything you’ll need to know about coffee.

The morning will start with a forest walk towards a liberica farm plantation inside Kota Paradiso, home to thousands of coffee trees and other fruit-bearing trees and vegetables. Then we will have a sumptous lunch at Miguel’s where we will also learn the basics of roasting with a small and compact roaster, and get to cup the different roasts levels.


Discounts available for groups of three or more! Please fill up the form and choose options for your Coffee Immersion experience!

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