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Know how coffee is produced straight from the source, and how it becomes that addictive drink that you now have in your cup. VerraCoffee brings coffee lovers to the coffee farms, to appreciate the hard work that our farmers are doing. And coffee tastes great when it is grown in a food forest, so the immersions are not just about coffee, but you will also get a whole range of experience including cacao, honey, wine and more! Join us as we explore the food forests, take some time for shinrin-yoku (or forest bathing), hike up mountain trails or ones that lead to a waterfalls or spring, discover island coffee by the beach and do your share for the environnment by planting trees!

The coffee bootcamps are TESDA-accredited, participants will earn certificates leading to TESDA certificates in Nursery Operations, Coffee Production and Barista NCII. We also offer scholarships to persons with disabilities (PWDs), particularly the Deaf and part of the income goes to our education fund for tribal children in Malungon, Saranggani and Quezon Palawan. So by joining our bootcamps, you will be able to do what you love doing (which is all about coffee!) while helping PWDs and indigenous children find more opportunities for growth and employment.

Here are schedules of the upcoming workshops. Click the photo to see more details about the camp. Photos and videos of our previous camps can be found in our social media pages (Instagram and Facebook).

coffee camp!

July 20 – 21, 2024
(Saturday to Sunday)

Go on forest walks and Philippine tree familiarization in an orchard in the heart of Cebu island. This camp is 2.5 hours away from Cebu City, with comfortable glamping tents and option for car camping. Registration is at P5,950 ($120) including meals and lodging in a glamping tent. Add-on for ride-sharing in a van from Cebu City.

Coffee + Choco
2 farms in 1 day

August 10, 2024

Explore two farms in Cavite — coffee in the morning, cacao in the afternoon! Both are 100% organic. Learn the coffee and chocolate from the source and savor the product as a cup of coffee and chocolate merienda! Registration is at P2,650 ($53) per person inclusive of morning refreshments, lunch and merienda.

Brew it all barista+

August 24 – 26, 2024
(Saturday to Monday)

Learn the basics of brewing on different methods! From the traditional takure, the french press, aeropress, pourover, siphon and operating an espresso machine! Then get endorsement for for TESDA assessment. Registration starts at P6,500 including lunch for three days. Additional costs for transpo and accommodations.

coffee TOUR

June 14, 2024

Farm and waterfalls immersion in one day! This is a one-day tour of an intergrated farm just a few hours away from Manila, with plantations of coffee, cacao, vegetables and rare flowers. Registration is at P2,650 ($53) to include the tour, lunch by the falls, barako buko pie meryenda and transportation from Alabang.

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