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Coffee. Honey. Chocolate. Wine. Indulge your senses in everything natural and organic as we visit two farms in the countryside just a couple of hours away from Manila! This three-day adventure happens on the long weekend of April 6 to 8, 2024 in two all-natural and all-organic farms in Bailen and Alfonso Cavite!

The soujourn starts off with coffee at Brookside Hills Leisure Farms in Bailen where we will experience real coffee farming by planting coffee trees, harvesting red cherries, roasting the beans the traditional way — on kawa over firewood — and learning how to brew coffee the right way.

Then we will get acquainted with the busy garden workers that has been valuable to farmers — the bees! Learn how these fascinating creatures pollinate the flowers that is essential for harvest, and at the same time, producing that sweet honey that we love to have in our tea and dishes. We will also be harvesting honey, and we are ready with your beesuits!

Then on the last day, we shall proceed to Nayon Kalikasan in Alfonso to make some tablea and enjoy a delectable morning snack of champorado or batirol! The farm also showcases an array of vegetables where we can our own lettuce for the salad in our lunch which we will enjoy by the waterfalls. And to cap this culinary journey, we will finish it off with calamansi wine-tasting that is best experienced at the orchard.

Coffee workshops are TESDA-accredited under Farm to Cup Philippines. Excited to satisfy your senses and tastebuds? Join us!

Registration fees (inclusive of meals, training and certificates):

P6,500 ($114) early bird rate until March 17, 2024
P7,500 ($132) regular rate after March 17, 2024

P300 discount per person if you register as a group of 3 to 5 people

P500 discount per person if you register as a group of more than 5

Workshop fees, materials, equipments, certificates
Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks for three days
Free accommodations!

Transportation from Alabang to Cavite and back
Farming shirt

What to Expect:

Coffee tree planting activity
Tour of seedling nursery and farm operations
Different types of coffee beans and varietals
Overview of:
… The different processing methods
… Kawa roasting and habds-on practice
… Manual brewing methods

Tea that can be grown in the Philippines
Tea brewing and tasting
Philippine fruits that can be turned into wine
Wine tasting

Beekeeping for pollination
Differences between apis melifera and stingless bees
Honey tasting — apis melifer and stingless bee honey
Opening of bee colony
Splitting of bee colony
Harvesting of Honey

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Here are photos of the activities and the place where we will be spending our time in Bailen and Alfonso, Cavite!


Discounts available for groups of three or more! Please fill up the form and choose options for your Coffee Camp experience!

When you fill up the form, all discounts and costs are automatically computed, and you will receive an email of the total due. The amount that is shown already includes all discounts and costs. Remember to provide a working email address and phone number because that is where we will contact you and send the QR codes, PIN location of the venue and all the other details you need in getting to the camp.

If you have questions or need help in filling out the registration form, kindly send us an email ( or call +639266231757. You may also contact us through our social media pages.


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